In teenage, or we can say during adolescence, attraction to the opposite sex is very common because of the formation of new male and female hormones. But, at this time, mind is not mature enough to understand the situation and assumes the mere attraction to be love.

As teenage is the age at which the mind is not mature enough to handle itself and thus, at this age, children become emotionally weak unable to handle their relationships. Because of being a mere child, one cannot understand the existence of good and evil around him or her. This can lead to attraction towards wrong people.

As parents in today’s life are so busy that they can’t give proper attention towards their children and as a result, children get in the company of wrong people without understanding the consequences of the company.

When parents come to know about such activities in which their children are involved, then they should instead of scolding or beating him, should tackle the situation with love and affection by understanding that it is not their child’s fault, but their age’s fault. At such an age, children can also commit wrong deeds as they are not mature enough to get over it.

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