Astrology is a very huge subject & requires very good logic, good analytic power & knowledge of varied subjects. Because of his experience and knowledge of varied subjects, he has all the qualities which help him while predicting many things.

He applies his logic, analytical power, and knowledge while giving astrology predictions. As you must have experienced that accuracy of the time period of events is difficult when one uses vedic or traditional system, but Pt. Somesh Sharma ji can give you a precise answer to your question.

To overcome the above and similar short comings of the conventional vedic system, our astrologer has proven to be a saviour. Pt. Somesh Sharma ji is different from other astrologers, who practice the conventional method of astrology, in many ways. That is the reason for his presence among the top astrologers of the world.

He has a huge client base which includes people from different age groups and different backgrounds. Our astrologer always works, with his 100% efforts for solving problems of people. He has spent many years in detailed research and study of astrology, horoscope, black magic spells and vastu shastra.

Indian vedic astrology, the most authentic principal of all the astrological systems existing in the world can be followed to bring a boost of happiness in your life. The remedy provided by pt. Somesh Sharma ji is always very easy to follow and can diminish the impact of a mis-happeninng and can bring pleasure back to your life.