Inter-caste marriage is one of the biggest problems in today’s life. When you are in love with someone, then you don’t think of their caste, religion, or any other aspect, you just know that he/she is the love of your life, and you can’t live without that person , for even a single moment.

But, when the thing of marriage comes in the frame, then families and society want that the boy and the girl should be from the same caste. This a very minor thing, if thought from a lover’s point of view, but the most important thing, when considered from parent’s or society’s point of view.

The main problem that comes in an inter-caste marriage is that, families are not able to cope up with each other and even the girl, is not able to adjust in an outer-caste. But, thinking has changed now. People don’t think of castes while marriages.

Still, there are many orthodox people, even now, for whom, castes matter a lot when it comes to marriage of their children. Parents want their child to get married in the same caste to which they belong.

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