Couples are matched from heaven by God and their marriages are also in their fate. God does not consider caste of two persons before making their match. But, we, human, do make it a matter of consideration while arranging marriages of our children. We don’t like to marry our children with a person belonging to a different caste.

Although inter-caste marriage is not an issue in today’s time, but some Indian families till now have the same old mentality. They do not like to do marriages in a different caste.

The only thing which should be considered while marrying someone should be love. When a person is in love, he/she does not consider issues such as caste, religion, community, etc. But, even then their parents are not willing to understand their love and are just rigidly fixed to their decision of no inter-caste marriage.

In such a case, the person feels that he should drop the idea of marrying his own lover, which is an act of cowardliness and also wrong while in a loving relationship.

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