Inter-caste love marriage problem is an obstacle in marriages between two different castes. Marriage has a significance of traditions and rituals and is greatly dependent on caste in India. Though inter-caste marriage has gained wide acceptance in India, yet there are some people who are aginst inter-caste marriages.

The value of true love is not understood by some narrow-minded people and these are the persons who act as rocks in the way of marriage of love couples.

Are you in true love with someone and have dreamt to spend your whole life with him/her, but your parents are disagreeing only because he/ she is of another caste. Then, what will you do of your dreams? You can’t even run against your parents, but you don’t even want to lose the love of your life.

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Caste differences should never come in between the marriage of two people who love each other as love is the eternal power and there should be no condition in loving anyone and no discrimination while choosing our life partner.