Friends are the best part of life. There are some things that one can share with our friends only. Every relation has it’s place in one’s life, but the place of friends is only theirs. The best relation in the world is of a friend, but a real friend is one who is every time with you.

Friendship is a relation of love but it does not mean that it cannot have fights. This relationship is full of love and fights. Fights in friendships are common, but friends easily solve their fights as they can’t live without each other.

But, sometimes some issues are not possible to find a solution. Someone comes in the relationship of friends and tries to ruin the relation of the friends by doing mantras and tantras on you or by doing vashikaran.

A clash can ruin even the strongest friendship, so we should be aware of the tantras and mantras or vashikaran, etc. Our astrologer, Pt. Somesh Sharma is very well experienced in the field of astrology and can help you in dealing with the clashes that can take place between friends, relatives, and family.