Clashes with family, friends and relatives are one of the most common issues that are being faced in today’s life. Clashes can take place between any two or more people because of any reason. If these cases are not handled in a proper way then it has a bad effect on family status.

Family conflicts should be solved as early as possible because it depletes the loving relationship between family members. Everyone desires to have a happy family and position of each family member should be satisfied for making peace in family.

The happiness of the family is based on the love and affection between the husband-wife, brother-sister, parents-children, etc. If a person is having a happy family, only then he can work with a healthy and fresh mind. But, if he/she is facing clashes within the family, then it is not possible to work with a free mind.

Clashes between husband-wife can lead to divorce. Also, parents-children are having fights because of the difference of opinion. Lack of communication, lack of understanding, ego problems, lack of time, financial support, lack of trust and many more are the reasons to for clashes that take place between families.

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